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Five Tips On Buying An Insurance Agency

When it comes to small businesses, no other sector has as much competition as the independent insurance agency market. That means that the demand for independent agencies is greater than the available supply. These five tips on buying an insurance agency can help...

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Sukay & Associates Represents Friedman & Friedman Agency Inc. in its Sale to RSC Insurance Brokerage, Inc.


Contact: Thomas J. Sukay


Tom Sukay, CEO of Sukay & Associates announced that the firm acted as the financial advisor for Friedman & Friedman Agency Inc. (“Friedman”) in its sale to RSC Insurance Brokerage, Inc....

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Why Did My Competitor Receive a Higher Multiple Than Me?

The two certainties in life are death and taxes. The two certainties in insurance agencies sales are that buyers will want to talk about their culture and sellers will be interested in multiples. Buyers will want to pay as little as possible, and sellers will want...

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Sweat the Small Things in Insurance Agency Sales

We have all heard the expression that we shouldn’t sweat the small things. As a rule, that is good advice to follow. Recently, we closed another transaction where we represented a seller in the sale of their insurance agency. If you have done as many of the...

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Buying An Insurance Agency? Learn To Stand Out

You are special. You are a unique snowflake. There is no one out there like you, and no agency like yours. That’s how most of us see ourselves. We stand out from the crowd because we’re different. When you decide to expand by acquiring another agency, you’re confident...

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Insurance Agency Acquisitions Don’t Happen From Behind A Webcam

It’s easy to forget the value of talking to someone face to face. In modern business, you have an infinite number of options for contacting clients, colleagues and prospects. These days, when you get a business card it's not just a phone number or an address, you...

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Sukay & Associates Advises Chesapeake Insurance Advisors in Sale

Sukay & Associates, Inc. (“Sukay”) Represents Chesapeake Insurance Advisors (“CIA”) in their sale to M&T Insurance Services.  

Chesapeake Insurance is a premier employee benefits firm located in New Castle Delaware.  

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What Really Happens When You Sell Your Insurance Agency

Owning an insurance agency can be extremely fulfilling. Not only does owning the agency allow you to make a good living, but you will find you have the enjoyment of building a business that affords you a variety of lifestyle options. You can spend time with your...

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Relationships, Business and Education

I was asked to teach a business policy class last semester at a local university.  It is a course that I have taught many times as a case study course.  One of the most important aspects of this type of course, is to have students collaborate with each other.  It...

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Call Me Crazy, But I Don’t Discuss Politics or Religion

We have all heard the expression “I’m sane, it’s the rest of the world that’s crazy.”  I’m not sure that we have ever lived in a crazier time.  I live most of the year in Southwest Florida even though the vast majority of our clients are in the Northeast.  The...

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